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  An annotated bibliography provides an overview of the research conducted on a particular topic. Moreover, an annotated bibliography, like any other bibliography, contains an alphabetical list of all the sources used during research. The main objective of having an annotated bibliography is to inform the readers of the quality, relevance, and accuracy of the sources used. When creating an annotated bibliography, the researcher must identify and select quality, relevant, and accurate sources. In summarizing the main arguments of their sources during annotation, the researcher informs the readers of the relevance and accuracy of the source. Additionally, by listing a source in full, including its nature such as whether it’s a scholarly source, the researcher can demonstrate the quality of their sources. Although annotated bibliography generally includes restatement of the main arguments of the sources used, a researcher can critically appraise their sources. For instance, the researcher could identify the authors’ credentials and the publisher of the source they are evaluating. When summarizing the main arguments of a source, however, the researcher does not have to focus on the contents of the source. Instead, it is important to address the thesis, results, and conclusions of the resource. When choosing the sources for an annotated bibliography, a researcher must emphasize on the usefulness and quality of sources. By clearly defining the scope of their study, a research can easily find useful and quality sources such as books, journal articles, and government reports. As discussed above, an annotated bibliography is an overview of the sources utilized in a research. Its main goal is to demonstrate the quality, accuracy, and relevance of sources used for a particular topic. A researcher should summarize the main arguments of their sources and emphasize on usefulness and quality when choosing resources.