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An argumentative essay is a form of writing that demands a student to examine a topic, collect and evaluate the collected data or evidence and make a position on the topic. Argumentative essays are comprised of a lot of research on literature or past materials that have been published. Argumentative essays also require practical research that may be accomplished through the use of interviews and experiments, among others. This kind of research helps the student understand the topic clearly, as well as the different points of view that may be used in the topic. Having a clear understanding of the different points of view helps the student to make an informed position on the topic. Argumentative essays are usually written using a standard form of structure.

The first part of the structure is the thesis of the essay. A thesis helps the student set the context of the general essay, by evaluating the topic without bias. The thesis is usually part of the first paragraph of an argumentative essay. The second part of the structure is ensuring that the essay has clear and proper changeovers between the introduction, body, and conclusion. This helps the reader to easily follow and understand the student's line of thought. The third part of the structure is ensuring that the body of the essay is comprised of evidential support for the thesis. This is the most important part of an argumentative essay, as it contributes to solidifying the position of the student. In this part, the student is required to provide both supporting and opposing evidential arguments. This can be done using two paragraphs or the same paragraph, depending on the length of the essay. The evidence provided can be logical, anecdotal, factual or even statistical. Finally, an argumentative essay should end with a conclusion that not only reaffirms the thesis but also readdresses it, in terms of the evidence provided.