Steps in Proofreading

Proofreading should be the final step of editing a document. Importantly, one should proofread a document after conducting all the other major editing. In some occasions, individuals might not proofread their documents effectively because they overlook mistakes or fail to self-critique. An effective proofreading process begins by checking an error at a time, instead of […]


Paraphrasing is one of the most important concepts in academic writing because it helps avoid plagiarism. Although one might think that this process mainly entails replacing words with synonyms, there are other effective ways of paraphrasing in academic writing. First, one can paraphrase by using their words to restate other author’s ideas. The best way […]


Locating sources for research purposes has become much easier for students thanks to the availability of tones of information on the internet. However, finding credible sources for academic writing might be a concern considering that students can easily use unreliable sources in their essays. Thus, to locate reliable sources, students should check the suffixes of […]


An effective essay title plays an important role in academic writing. Whereas in other forms of writing, such as blogging, a catchy title would attract readers, academic writing titles do not necessarily have to be interesting to the reader, but rather effective. In this light, therefore, an effective title in academic writing helps foretell the […]

Considering the Audience

The audience is an important part of writing, whether academic or non academic. A writer should pay attention to his/her audience because they are the consumers of whatever information presented in the paper. When writing an argumentative paper, a writer should consider the audience to avoid bias, use appropriate jargon, and demonstrate his/her knowledge on […]


Commas should primarily be used in writing when taking a natural pause in a sentence or between cohesive thoughts, but they also contain a multitude of uses that exceeds this basic rule. Commas should be used to connect two independent clauses that are related to one another and can be joined to create one sentence […]


In academic writing, paragraphing is essential as it forms the building blocks for constructing an argument or complex analysis. Without the paragraphs in writing, it would be difficult for the readers to understand how you have organized your ideas into words. The purpose of this paper is to show how to organize ideas into logical […]

History of Academic Writing

Academic writing refers to the styles or expressions, which researchers use to define the boundaries of their respective areas of expertise or disciplines. One thing that distinguishes academic writing from other forms of writing is that it uses more of the arguments than narratives The purpose of this paper is to trace back the roots […]


When writing an essay, one always comes across instructions requiring you to include outside sources and a list of cited works at the end of the essay. One challenge that one would encounter is an integration of quotes. Just like adding solid citations, quotations are an integral part of academic writing, and therefore, one should […]

Resume Cover Page

Many people often struggle with jotting down a resume cover page, simply known as a cover letter. In as much as persons might do everything in their power to make sure that they came up with the most exceptional resume, the problem comes with writing a cover letter to accompany it. Therefore, this essay will […]