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Essays are the most common form of assignments in universities. Even before students get enrolled in their universities of choice, they are required to write essays as part of their application. The purpose of an essay is usually determined by the writer or the subject in question. There are usually different types of essays. Despite the differences, they all fall into the various reasons for writing. Reasons for writing essays include informing, entertaining, persuading or explaining the subject in question to the reader. It is also important for the writer to understand the type of audience that he/she is writing to, for efficient and understandable communication. This essay discusses the reasons why essays are valued, as well as their functions. One of the functions of essays is that it helps students to improve their skills in critical thinking. Essays require a lot of critical thinking, as it involves critical evaluation of the topic and evidence, to come up to a logical conclusion. In addition to that, the students' critical thinking skills are enhanced as they often use different reference materials, thus broadening their opinions on various topics. The second function is that essays help prove the students' understanding of the reference material. This is usually done by evaluating the arguments, examples, and analysis given by the students, as well as the conclusions they come to. Thirdly, essays help instructors know the level of the students' preparation for the essay. This is usually done by examining whether the student is able to differentiate between relevant and irrelevant information. Writing essays also help students prepare for the "real world". This is because, through essays, students get the skills to write professionally, as well as express their opinions confidently and clearly. Correct grammar and spelling are also examined in essay writing, further contributing to proper professional writing. Moreover, essay writing helps the students understand the different forms of writing, as well as a citation.