Outlining Tips

Creating an outline can be an excellent way of writing a paper, whether it is a speech or a research paper. With a proper outline, one can have an easy time writing their essay instead of repeating points and arguments. The following tips can be useful in writing an outline.   First, it is important to select a topic before starting to working on an outline. At this point, the topic could be broad and could be narrowed as the outlining process continues. Selecting a topic gives the writer an opportunity to focus their ideas or research.   Second, the writer should sketch a general structure of their paper. For instance, they could include the introduction section, body, and conclusion. Although the introduction-body-conclusion format is effective for short essays, a writer might need other sections if working on longer research papers. For instance, the writer could include methodology and literature review sections.   Third, it is important that the writer have subtopics to act as the main argument points in relation to the main topic. For instance, if person chooses to write on ‘schizophrenia’, they can have several subtopics about this mental condition. The writer could include the general description, causes, signs and symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment of the mentioned mental illness.   Fourth, one could writer sub-sub-points under each subtopic. These could be complete sentences or bullet points to support each subtopic. Having sub-sub-points is crucial because it gives a writer a simple task of expanding on their ideas rather than continuously researching information. Finally, the writer should conclude their outline by summing their initial findings or views on the topic.