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    Not all good essay writers attend a writing school in order to cultivate their writing skills. Many people who struggle with writing believe that they do not have the skills for the task. However, it is possible to cultivate good writing skills without formal training. This essay offers some tips to help all those budding essay writers. A starting point for all aspiring writers involves holding the right mindset. This means that one must have a high level of confidence in the ability to write well. It pays to project a positive outlook, as good essay writers always believe that they have the capacity to communicate well using the written word. It goes without saying that in order to write, one must be specific about the subject. Therefore, one must also pick a topic that corresponds to their interests in writing. Essay writers have different approaches when undertaking a writing task. Some will brainstorm, while others prefer to be guided by an outline. Whichever approach one chooses, it is important to remain within the parameters of the topic chosen. Good essays are typically structured such that they have an introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion. It is in the introduction that one introduces the topic, as well as presenting a strong thesis statement that underscores the arguments to be made in the paper. It is a good idea to present a single idea in each body paragraph, then develop the writing around the specific idea introduced. When writing for academic purposes, essay writers should always strive to present support for their ideas and ensure that the correct citation is used. One of the golden rules for all essay writers is to provide credit for all sources used in writing, in order to avoid committing plagiarism. Every effort must be made to ensure that writing flows well. This can be achieved by providing a transition sentence at the end of each paragraph, which helps to create a connection throughout the essay, and improves the quality of writing. Finally, the writing created by essay writers would be incomplete without a conclusion that basically summarizes the key points in the writing, as well as reiterating the thesis.