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Essay writing can be tasking even for people who excel at written work. The first step towards becoming an essay writer is to start early. Starting early gives a writer enough time to research and get feedback thus, minimizes stress in the event of revision. Where essay writers have a completely open topic they should write about something they are passionate about to stay motivated. Effective essay writers will first identify the purpose of their essay before the actual writing. Is it to educate, inform, persuade or review? Additionally, good essay writers organize their work. To develop clarity of work writers will mostly use the basic structure of an essay: introduction, research, findings, and the conclusion. In addition, the writer will reference and cite sources used correctly to avoid plagiarism. An essay writer will outline their ideas first to create a structure, which acts as the foundation upon which to base the essay.

Good essay writers read people’s essays. Reading other people’s essay helps an individual writer develop thus, build their own writing style. Different subjects apply disparate kinds of styles and arguments, therefore, the wider the subjects read, the more the techniques available for use in own essays. These other essays can be by peers or academics. Effective essay writers should be critical of other essays; what did the writer like or dislike about the essay? What did the other writer leave out? Is the argument balanced? Is the essay persuasive enough? Moreover, good essay writers build and use vocabulary properly to effectively express what they mean in a clear and concise manner. Additionally, good essay writers are formal and base their essays in the academic context, although this does not mean that they have to be boring.


Before writing an essay, essay writers should first make an outline, defining what they will write about even before the actual writing. Most essay writers will make an outline consisting of the basic structure of an essay: an introduction that covers the thesis, the body of an essay including paragraphs that discuss evidence regarding the thesis and a conclusion, which connects the content to the thesis. A good essay writer should include three or more solid points, which support the thesis directly.

All essays serve the purpose of persuading; informing or explaining. This requires an understanding of basic grammar, punctuation, and style. Good essay writers, thus, understand grammar basics proper pronoun and article usage, subject agreement, proper use of punctuation and formation of sentence structures. Besides effective essay writers use active voice rather than passive voice, this strengthens the tone of the essay. Before starting on the actual writing, a good essay writer will first understand the argument then critically analyze its supporting evidence. Essay writers should be thorough and critical in the evaluation of evidence; if it does not directly support the thesis then they may exclude it.

Most writers overlook the conclusion in an essay. However, to be effective, essay writers should include a conclusion that outline all key evidence in the body of the essay and tie it directly to the thesis. Consequently, this will show how the evidence proves the argument of the research. Weakly worded and vague conclusions can derail a good essay; hence, all essay writers should consider making a good conclusion. Before submission, a good essay writer will review the instructions of the essay, if applicable. This is to ensure that the essay is in the desired format.