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A good essay goes past repeating arguments that other people have written, to critically evaluating them. Essays can be open; where a writer makes a choice on the topic of their choice or assigned. If an essay is open, the writer gets the advantage to choose a topic, which is intriguing to them. The first step towards writing is to determine the purpose of the essay. Is it to persuade critique or inform? A good writer will first prepare an outline of their ideas and write them on a paper. Outlining ideas enables the writer to clearly see connections between the main ideas. Most academic essays have a basic format, which comprises the introduction, body, and conclusion. An introduction should seek to catch the reader’s attention, for example, using a quote, shocking information, summary of the topic or a story. The introduction ends with a thesis statement that states the topic and the main point of the essay.

Following the introduction is the body. The body of an essay describes, explains or argues the topic. Every main idea in the outline will make a separate section. All main ideas should make the introductory sentence in a paragraph. Next, write the supporting ideas to the main idea each with relevant examples to back up the point. The conclusion sums up the main ideas in the essay and reinforces the thesis. However, it is not the end of the essay. A good writer will review the essay to ensure that instructions are in the desired format. Besides, rereading the paper enables the writer correct spelling and grammar mistakes, and to ensure it has smooth sentence flow. In conclusion, good writing serves its purpose and evokes sensation in the reader.